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 Art historian Gernot Lorenz discussing the work at the opening of the exhibition.
 Artist talk during a day when the public was welcome to spend time in the studio while drawing, processing, and printing of stones was happening.
Scottish Citrus
November Frucht I
November Frucht II
November Frucht III
 Printing in the gallery.
Citrus and Stone IV
Citrus and Stone III
Citrus aurantium bizzaria
Blood Oranges
Citrus Slabs
Citrus and Stone II
Citrus and Stone I
 Lithography stone that had been used for printing alongside another stone with initial sketch in red chalk. The second stone was fully drawn and printed during the course of the exhibition.
Citrus Peeling Display
 Lithographic stone objects and incidental stone lithography prints on newsprint. The lithographic stones were collected in a local (abandoned) quarry in Solnhofen where fine lithographic stones were historically quarried.
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Grapefruit Stone
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