Aberdeen Artists Society Annual Exhibition -- 10th May - 21st June 2014

If you are in Scotland, there is still time to get to the Aberdeen Artists Society's Annual Exhibition! 

While I have enjoyed showing my work in this exhibition in years past, this year was especially exciting for me as I worked behind the scenes as Exhibition Secretary, doing my little part to help to put the show together. It has been a very interesting process so far, giving me so much respect for all the work that goes into an exhibition like this and giving me the opportunity to see all of the amazing pieces which were submitted from near and far!

I have two pieces on display this year: Overgrowth and The Narcissist. Both of these are prints made on copperplates and hand-printed by me to an edition of 15. So even though I am quite pleased to find that they both have little red dots next to them at the moment, there are still original prints available for those that want them.

And if you do make it down to the show, don't forget to pick up a catalogue!