Creative Reactions: Liminal State

I recently took part in an art-science collaboration project arranged through the international Pint of Science festival. The collaboration resulted in the pop-up group exhibition Creative Reactions: Liminal State which took place at the Trades Hall of Glasgow on May 18th. The other participating artists were Jessica Copping, Marta Fuster De Barutell, Victoria Evans, Michele Marcoux, Leontios Toumpouris, and Shirley Wilson. Each artist was paired up with a scientist and given a short time to react to their research. I worked with Dr. Thorsten Balke from the University of Glasgow, who kindly explained to me his research on mangroves and coastal environments. 

In my reaction, I focused on the aspects of mangroves that are most tangible to me as a person living in Scotland: the aesthetic idea of these far-away forests and the products of the unsustainable shrimp and palm oil farms sold in British shops. This took the form of a table laid out with prawn hors d'oeuvres and a table cloth which I designed with a repeating mangrove motif. As a bonus my contribution gave exhibition goers a chance to rest their drink and have a snack.

 Mangrove print on cotton poplin, warm water prawns cooked in palm-oil based margarine, parsley. 

Mangrove print on cotton poplin, warm water prawns cooked in palm-oil based margarine, parsley. 

 Foreground: Jodi Le Bigre, Background: Leontios Toumpouris

Foreground: Jodi Le Bigre, Background: Leontios Toumpouris

Eichstaett Lithography Residency Award

I'm very, very pleased to announce that at the opening of this year's Society of Scottish Artists Annual Exhibition in Edinburgh I was awarded the Eichstaett Lithography Residency Award for my artists book of lithographs 'Homo Efflorescens: Their Species, Customs, and Character.' This award will allow me to spend two weeks on residency in Bavaria, Germany at Lithographie-Werkstatt Eichstaett which will be followed by an exhibition. 

Le Bigre - Heart and Roots of the Lungs.JPG


The SSA Annual Exhibition runs from 31 October - 24 November this year, and it is happening in the Royal Scottish Academy building on The Mound. Please do check it out if you are in Edinburgh!

The rest of the pages in the book can be seen here.

Le Bigre - H.E. - Charms.JPG

We Never Went Skiing

If you're in Glasgow this week, please come out to House for an Art Lover to see a group exhibition put on by me and my fellow post-grad printmakers from Glasgow School of Art.

Also, a very big thank you to everyone who braved the rain and miserable weather to join us for the opening on Sunday!  

The exhibition runs until the 25th of June and is open daily 11am - 4pm.

Absence and Presence

As you may already know, some time ago I got involved with The Al-Mutanabbi Street Project, making the above print as part of the printmaking aspect of the project, 'Absence and Presence'. Since then, my print and those of many other artists have begun to be exhibited around the world in a series of exhibitions.  More information about some of those exhibitions can be found on the exhibition websites here, and here, and also in this write up in the Washington Post. Currently the exhibition is in Venice at the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica Venezia, so if you happen to find yourself in Venice before the 2nd of July, do have a look!


Hello! It has been quite a while since I've written here. Since the last time, I've uprooted my life and moved across Scotland to Glasgow where I'm now in the middle of a masters degree with a focus on printmaking at Glasgow School of Art. In the past few days I've shuffled things on the site around a little, and I've added a 'current projects' section where you can see updates from the things I'm working on right now. I'm hoping to be (quite) a bit better at keeping this site updated in the future, and there are lots of things I've been meaning to post about, so please do check back here soon!

SSA Annual Exhibition -- 5th-20th December 2014

This year's Society of Scottish Artists Exhibition is happening now at The Royal Scottish Academy, in Edinburgh. I can't wait to get down there and see it myself, as by all accounts, it is an incredible show with works by a diverse group of artists, in a wide variety of mediums, and there's apparently even a bespoke cinema in there! The exhibition will be running until the 20th of December, and I will have three prints on display and available for purchase. 

Illustration in Lallans

One of my older etchings, Wood Woes II, has been included in the summer edition of the Scots language literary journal, Lallans. The print is illustrating a charm which was translated from Old English into modern Scots and can be used against swarming bees!

Aberdeen Artists Society Annual Exhibition -- 10th May - 21st June 2014

If you are in Scotland, there is still time to get to the Aberdeen Artists Society's Annual Exhibition! 

While I have enjoyed showing my work in this exhibition in years past, this year was especially exciting for me as I worked behind the scenes as Exhibition Secretary, doing my little part to help to put the show together. It has been a very interesting process so far, giving me so much respect for all the work that goes into an exhibition like this and giving me the opportunity to see all of the amazing pieces which were submitted from near and far!

I have two pieces on display this year: Overgrowth and The Narcissist. Both of these are prints made on copperplates and hand-printed by me to an edition of 15. So even though I am quite pleased to find that they both have little red dots next to them at the moment, there are still original prints available for those that want them.

And if you do make it down to the show, don't forget to pick up a catalogue! 

Pushing Print -- 5th - 20th October 2013

Hello again, and sorry for the lack of updates here! The summer just rushed by and now it's back to shorter days and working by lamplight in the evenings. Starting this weekend though, two of my prints, La rencontre and Deux poids, deux mesures, will be on display, framed and ready to take home at the Pushing Print festival in Margate (from October 5th - 20th). This festival looks absolutely amazing, and I really wish I could be there tomorrow for the Giant Print Event where they will be printing huge monoprints and linoprints in the street with the help of a steam roller! There will also be talks and workshops and hundreds of prints on display in various venues around town, so it is definitely worth visiting if you can make it out there.