Jodi Le Bigre is a Canadian-born artist based in Glasgow, working broadly across a full spectrum of printmaking and painting practices. Her work principally deals with the ways in which we engage with nature and each other. Wilderness, resources, and the currents that shape our daily encounters provide the impetus for artworks which quietly reference time and labour in their intricate detailing.

Jodi’s artistic practice has been shaped by having lived in Canada, Japan, France and Scotland and through having studied and worked in a variety of contexts. The foundation of her printmaking practice came through her time at Atelier de Belleville in Paris and has been extended by time spent either with her own makeshift printmaking facilities or in various print studios throughout Scotland. Her painting formation has been in traditional oil painting taught in the copyist tradition still prevalent in France, and she has also studied egg tempera on the diploma course in Icon Painting at the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts. Currently, Jodi is undertaking a Master’s degree in fine art practice at the Glasgow School of Art. 

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